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Consequences from underpitching

Question, the little yeast beasties multiply like rabbits; why use more than one package on high OG worts?



Because some strains get easily exhausted, for lack of a better word. Stressed is another word people like to use.
Another reason is that you want your yeast to outcompete any other “bugs” that might get in there. Underpitching gives the an advantage to things other than your select yeast. Once you start harvesting yeast you will never be short handed on yeast supplies. Making a starter is also easy and fun. The real question is why would you take a chance?

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And when yeast gets stressed they create off flavors such as esters, diacetyl, and fusel alcohols.

In addition to @squeegeethree mentioning out competing other bacteria, underpitching can lead to higher FG or even stuck fermentation due to the stress placed on it by an increased level of alcohol and decreased pH.


To be fair some “stress” flavors are desirable. However, in high OG brews I think the ingredients themselves should be the featured flavors because it is too easy for lots of flavors to create a muddy complexity… IMO

Extra help is always appreciated

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