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I’m still a newby after about half a year and 7 batches of extract kit brews. I’m considering a Conical Fermenter ( 5 gallon batches) to try to keep everything in one unit and harvest my yeast.

What’s everyone’s opinion on these? I’m leaning toward a plastic one, because I’m a cheapskate. I’ve read there’s been issues with leaking around the threads and after contacting Fast Ferment they said that had been addressed but didn’t say how. Also I’ve read the shape of them makes em a little tougher to clean. Obviously the shape of them makes them awkward to move about, since I don’t have a dedicated brew space and will use the kitchen counter.


I am happy to tell you I use the stainless steel fermenting bucket… I believe our host has them… I did a few small mods to make them useful my way… I won’t make any more changes to my set up in regards to my fermenters… Sneezles61

I issue with conicals has always been how to control fermentation temperature. If I had a walk in cooler I’d have a few of them.

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Buckets are the perfect fermenter for 5 gallons in my opinion

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Especially the SS ones! :grin: Sneezles61

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I think everything has its Pros and Cons.

Nothing wrong with buckets or carboys but I always use a blow off tube
as I don’t like cleaning wort off my closet ceiling for aggressive ale fermentations.
After a week I switch over to Airlocks.

I recently purchased Speidel 20L (3 gal) and 30L(5 gal) fermentors but they have spigot leak issues.
I like them as they have large head room so you don’t need blow off tubes.
I have created my own Spigot using their CAPs and a 1 " spigot.
This avoids having to use a Auto-Siphon.

I can’t help with Conicals (which is your question) as I don’t own any.

But my friend who works at a local brewery strongly recommends Fermentasaurus which NB sells.

If I may, after 7 batches your next investment should be an 8+ gallon kettle and a BIAB set up and go all grain. That is assuming you already have temperature control. Temp Control > All Grain > everything else


Haven’t had the need for a blow-off tube in years do you control your fermentation temperature

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I don’t use an airlock… its blow off tube start to finish… And its controlled with a freez-menter… Sneezles61

When I first started I needed a blow-off and left it in for the duration also

I just don’t want to look like a dorky home brewer… with that cheesy plastic doo-hickey stuck on top of the fermenter…:grin: Sneezles61

If you use a fancy stainless bucket I can see not wanting a cheezy plastic airlock on top but if airlocks=dork then there are lots of us dorks brewing…:joy:


Get some soft copper 3/8 tubing and make a loop in it pour some vodka in it ( only us dorks use stars an) then you can have a cool looking airlock instead of blow-off tube.


Dork a mondo’s!! :joy::sweat_smile: Sneezles61
PS… you know I’m clowning… right?:open_mouth:

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I’ve never known you to be less than serious

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