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Conical won't drain

I brewed 10 gallons of honey kolsch a week ago. Today I went to drain the old yeast off the bottom and just a tiny amount came out. Any suggestions of what I can do to unstop the yeast without messing up the beer? This is my first batch with a new to me conical. Thanks!

Give it a couple of minutes?

1968 sits up like silly putty. But will come out. I have not heard of another yeast being as bad as it is.

Gently rap on the sides on the cone with the heel of hand. The vibrations will help.

a little CO2 head pressure usually does the trick for me.

Why worry about it? A a week old it isn’t hurting anything, or a month for that matter. You could probably poke a wire up into the cake to get it going, but I’d just deal with it after you rack the beer. You can heat up a wire to sterilize it, and put a bend in it so you can still collect the yeast if you want.

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