Conical fermenter

So I bought the 7 gallon conical fermenter, and got a brew of Mead going. but there’s a problem, the gas is leaking out somewhere. The lid is on tight and the “O” ring is in place, but there nothing going through the airlock. it’s fermenting for sure so there’s nothing wrong with the yeast. has anyone else had this problem with the fermenter? How did you fix it?

Is it the Fast Ferment model? Most likely the lid is not sealing right which is a common problem with the fast ferment model. I think the most common fix is to use 2 o-rings under the lid. And to be honest it’s really not a big deal if it’s leaking. The beer will still be fine. Although it would drive me nuts not seeing the bubbling action. If you have some keg lub you could try that on the seal, it’s worked for me on my Speidel fermenter.

I have a 12 gallon that I made from the same SS conical container many commercially made conicals are. I buy my gaskets from Morebeer and they mysteriously fit perfectly. It almost never completely seals. The air lock rarely moves unless it is a violent fermentation and even then it might blow out the gasket. Wetting the O ring or gasket will help seal it but it doesn’t work much for me. So bottom line is, don’t worry about it. You can take the lid off for a second to take a peek at it.

Mead also does not have near as vigorous fermentation as beer does. I would save my conical for shorter ferment times and find another vessel for mead as they typically take a long time and will tie it up.