Conical fermenter or carboy?

Hi I have both a plastic conical fermenter and plastic carboy, and wanted to know if I could ferment in the carboy for the first couple of days and then transfer to my conical fermenter. Reason being that with the carboy I can control the temperature for initial fermentation by keeping in an ice bucket. Any ideas if this can work?

I don’t see any reason why not but I’m not sure why you would want to unless you need the fermenter or are doing a Diacetyl Rest. A Diacetyl Rest is usually done for lagers by raising the temp from lager temps into the mid 60’s to finish out the fermentation.

I have transferred to a secondary just to get back the primary vessel for a new batch before. You will want to be at or very close to the terminal gravity.

Using a conical for a secondary seems like kind of a waste of expensive equipment. Always wondered how people cool those things…You need a temp conditioned closet like Mullerbrau has to hang your conical in.