Confused about what's at the bottom of my carboy

I’ve been trying to get what I thought was a white film off the bottom of my 6.5 gallon glass carboy that came with my kit. The rest of the carboy is spotless but at the bottom there’s some swirly white stuff. If you look at it through the bottom, it looks like the glass still needs cleaning. But if you look through the mouth towards the bottom it looks like it’s in the glass. It almost resembles smoke…but in the glass. A buddy told me that could be possible if it was hand blown. Not sure if this is a stubborn stain or a defect in the glass. Anyone experience this?

I don’t know per se what your talking about. What have you tried? Did it come like that?

If you cleaned it with too much PBW it will precipitate out and leave a white residue that will not clean off. If this is the case try using some distilled white vinegar. Put it in there and let it soak a couple mins. If it’s inside the glass then there is no worries.

What have you cleaned it with? It would be hard to tell without seeing it.

If you’ve thoroughly cleaned it, it’s probably in the glass.

You beat me to it, Josh.

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I am, and I’ve only had one beer.

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It was, the keg kicked. Time for another.

I didn’t notice it until after I cleaned it. This was my first brew so I’m still kind of a rookie. I did in fact use PBW. It’s really hard to explain and I doubt I’ll be able to get a decent picture of it. I’ll give the vinegar a try. Otherwise I’ll just assume it’s the glass. Thanks for your help guys!

That should work. Welcome to the forum. :beers:

git a long wooden dowel/stick and scape it to see ifn it comes off…. If it does then PBW and a small square of a nylon scubbie pad and yer stick will do very nicely! Sneezles61