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Confused about aging

I keg my beer. When a recipe says “age for 30 days”, are they referring to aging in the secondary fermentor or aging in the keg after force carbonating?

A keg is the best secondary fermentor. I would just age it in that on gas then taste it every week to see how it’s doing and let your pallet be the judge of how long it needs to age. Could be great right out the gate or might need 3 months.


Yeah the longer in the keg. The beter taste. It does seems. Once a keg 1/2empty. The taste awesome

I don’t think 30 days is really “ageing” i would call it conditioning. I think any beer you make will be better if you condition it for 30 days. What I try to do unless I’m out of beer is ferment in primary at least 2 weeks then keg an leave at room temperature a week or two which makes sure fermentation is done then a week or two on gas.

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I’m curious, why is a keg a better secondary than a carboy? Seems like the beer might be sitting on a bit of trub if you use the keg as a secondary or is that not an issue?

I think it’s better because it can be purged, has no oxygen transfer and light proof. If the beer is in primary for 2-3 weeks before racked to a keg there isn’t gonna be much trub.

That and you only transfer once and you can directly carbonate. It’s basically a bright tank


Yeah, that is the key… A brightening tank. Brew Cat, you are still on yer game! Sneezles61

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