Conflict of Instructions

So I’m fairly new to home brewing, and it seems like there’s a lot of in-congruent info about yeast and how to pitch it.

The instructions from Northern say to Aerate the wort, then pitch the dry yeast on top… But the yeast packet says to re-hydrate the yeast by putting it in warm water and stirring it for 30 minutes OR pitching it into the wort, THEN aerating it to mix it in… Is one of these more correct than the others?
Any advice would be appreciated.


Both methods work just fine. There are some largely unproven theories floating around how one method may be better than the other, but on the homebrew level it doesn’t really matter. Successful fermentation occurs with either method, so what it comes down to is preference. I prefer simplicity, so I aerate, sprinkle, and leave it alone (no stirring or mixing in). Some brewers even feel that aeration is unnecessary with dry yeast. Based on my own experience I at least can convince myself that I see a benefit of aerating when OG is greater than 1.050. Example- I did a 1.042 on Wednesday with no aeration and only sprinkling; it took off in less than 8 hours at 62 degrees.

It’s true that you will get both answers. I, most of the time to the sprinkle on top method.

But Dimik research shows a large loss in viable cells by doing so.


You will have to try both processes and see what works for you.

I’d say rehydrate, aerate the wort, pitch, RDWHAHB