Had a recipe shipped to me, not NB, but the yeast was Wyeast. Sat in my complex office for 5 days at 75 degrees, without knowing it had arrived. Never received a shipping notice from FEDEX. Smacked it this morning at 9, and here it is just after 5, and still no inflation.

Run by my LHBS and get a new pack, or wait a little while longer and see?

When are you brewing? Make a starter and really see. Sometimes they do not swell up. I doubt they are dead at 75*

What is the date on the pack?

MFG date is Feb '13. There might be signs of slight inflation now. But just super slow.

I am not quite to the starter making level equipment wise. Unless there is another container I could use instead of a flask. I do have some LME I could use. So if there is an alternative to the flask, I for sure would give it a whirl.

Do you have a growler? That would work. I have also used a 2 L mason jars. I have heard others have used plastic gallon jugs. I would run a quick goggle search, brewers are a pretty darn resourceful bunch. I am sure you will get lots of ideas.

If you do a starter, check out and read up on making starter. Use the calculator to get the correct pitching rate.

Good luck! :cheers:

2l soda bottle. 1g milk jug, cleaned well. Glass gallon apple juice jug (my favorite, tho harder to find).

Growler it is. Plenty of those around.

I’ll get reading and video watching tomorrow.

Thanks guys.

[quote=“jabonneau86”]Growler it is. Plenty of those around.

I’ll get reading and video watching tomorrow.

Thanks guys.[/quote]
How big is the beer you’re brewing? A growler is good for a 1L starte. Any bigger might blow off. I just did a 2L starter in a 1 gal plastic distilled water jug. Worked out fine. The wort is happily turning to beer as I type.

Mr. Beer 2 1/2 gallon Ocktoberfest type of beer. OG is 1.081. All extract. Figured with it being only 2 1/2 gallons, it shouldn’t be to much of a stress on the yeast. Or am I wrong in that assumption?

1.081 for an Octoberfest? Wow

Did one like it last year. Came out to 8.1%. Sat in bottles for over 6 months. Went down like BUTTA. Nice, velvety, smooth, matly. To bad I didn’t set one aside for this year.

MrMalty will tell you exactly what to pitch. :cheers: