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Confession of a dunce

I feel super stupid. I’ve been doing all grain batch sparging for a year now and just figured out putting a hose barb on the ball valve to get a siphon tube into the kettle. Twenty minute storage runoff down to two minutes. I used to just let the valve run over the edge of the counter and drip into the kettle. I tried tubing once, but didn’t get an actual siphon, so it took forever. This weekend, I stood there taking amazed at how this should have worked all along. Ditz card redeemed.

Hey … any time I learn something new, I feel like it was worth getting out of bed. Keep exploring new ideas, you never know what you’ll find out.

Oh, it’s a good feeling, just a little embarrassing that I didn’t catch on earlier. As obvious as it should be, the concept just totally escaped me.

I’ve seen people who couldn’t get a siphon going and it turned out both vessels were at the same height.

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