Hello all, I’ve been brewing for a few years now, some all grain, mostly extarct batches. Since I’ve started I’ve kegged using Corny kegs. I’m looking to start conditioning my beer and was wondering if bottling is the only way. Can I condition in a 5 gallon keg for 1-2 years? Thanks for any input!

Yes. The keg takes up less floor space. No issues with light or breakage. Easy to move. It’s one big bottle.

Thanks Nighthawk!

I have two big beers, a RIS and a Barleywine with aging in kegs for well over a year

As stated above Absolutely. I would just be sure to give the kegs a shot of CO2 every month or so just to make sure that all is good in the world.

Bulk aging in kegs is the way to go. Not only do they protect 100% from light, like others said they are easy to store and move, and you can always bottle from keg when needed very easily.

I like to remove the variables present with bottles ( I hate bottles), and kegs have never been an issue for many years now. Once the beer is properly carbonated and the keg sealed properly there is rarely ever an issue with any leaks as the pressure is always pushing out. Failures usually happen when disconnecting the lines, but once they seal, they stay that way better than 99.9% of the time.

Some of my best aged beers have sat kegged for years, when I can keep my hands off them :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! Your input is just what I needed! Hope everyone here has an awesome weekend! Mine will begin with the Chocolate Stout I just keg’d! I hate to say it but it will be gone before I know it!! Such is the life of good home brewed beer! Cheers!