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Conditioning in a Keg

I’m curious if anyone has done the equivalent of bottle fermenting with a keg. If I prime with 3/4 cup corn sugar can I treat the keg as just a big bottle? Has anyone done this and do you have good results / would you recommend it? Pros/Cons vs. force carbonation?

I have not done it but others on here have. I just like the convenience of putting it on the gas and leave it.
Check out the brulosophy web site as they did an “exbeeriment” comparing the two methods of carbing and what differences were observed.

I’ve done it and it works. Kind of hit and miss usually about 1/2 the sugar than 5 gallons of bottles. I just put together a spending valve to get it more accurate.

You can funnel the out flow my way Brew Cat!:joy:
No, really another way to do something similar is to rack out of the fermenter when you suspect there is 2-5 points yet to gain… Put that into the keg and every time you walk buy you’re either shaking it or rolling it… Getting the yeast back into suspension… It will naturally carb for you! Sneezles61

or add some Brett

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I do it all the time. I mostly brew 20 gallons so I just force carb one and prime the other three kegs. I find that the amount of priming sugar is more than half. If you would normally use 3/4 cup sugar to bottle five gallons I would go about 1/2 cup. Yes I still measure priming sugar by the cup. Old habits are hard to break.

You will get some sediment just like in bottles but after letting it settle and dumping some of the first pour it will be fine.

True. I would undershoot and bring it up on gas. Easier than knocking it down

Good point. Had one over carb for unknown reasons and came out soda like fizzy. Even after burping the keg to tame it, it stayed fizzy. The head would drop right down and still like soda. It was a wheat so for summer it was kind of a nice light refresher. I screwed up in reverse :grin:

Thanks all!

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