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Condition yeast

Got a package from the sister brewery in holland. Yesterday. Besides. Yeast nutrigen. Got a few packages. Of. Condition yeast. You add this. Once you start kegging. Or botteling. But now me confused. How is this yeast gonna work. Once fermenting is done. All the sugar has been used during fermenting. Confused i am

Is it cask conditioning yeast? I would say that you follow some calculator, using sugar and this yeast then… I haven’t bottled for many years, what I remember was 3/4 cup priming sugar for 5 gallons. So you’d boil, say 1 pint of water add the corn sugar, cool so as not to kill the yeast, add it, then into the keg! Let it age… OR, rack your brew when its a few points BEFORE finished gravity, then keg. Sneezles61

Yes it is. I am not using it its for the brewery. Did sort of yeast calulation. Need to create priming sugar not sure yet if i use it for kegging

I say its for cask conditioning. If you haven’t tried it yet, do! ESB, Pale Ale, Irish Reds, are just among the few that will be a great brew to try that on… Maybe some Belgium golden strongs… Sneezles61

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Many breweries condition with a different yeast from what they use to ferment. Usually the original is filtered out then the different yeast is used when bottling or kegging. The reason AFAIK is to not let people like us grab their yeast to use.

Now days it seems that if there is a commercial beer out there, one of the yeast companies has their strain of yeast so I’m not sure there is a need to do that. Maybe there is another reason I’m not aware of.

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