Concerns with my first couple batches

Just put my caribou slobber in the secondary yesterday and just brewed a honey porter ale today. Both are one gallon and both extract kits.

I noticed a slight off/bitter taste from both of them when I took samples while racking them. The caribou slobber has seemed to settle down in the off taste since yesterday.

Is this due to “junk” floating around and not settled yet? I’m intrigued since I got the same bitterness/off taste from both of them.

I know that I won’t know for sure till well after I bottle but just checking to see if this flavor is somewhat normal.


Did your samples contain hop pellet residue? The hop residue would be the prime culprit for a bitter taste.

+1 and flat beer is often misleading about what the final and carbonated flavor will be. I often sample from the hydrometer reading sample, etc but really to make sure something really bad is not going on, never really tells me what the final profile will be like.

I did sample from the hydrometer with the honey porter and when I dumped it out it had some residue coating the side so it could very well be floating hops.

Yeast bite would have a bitter flavor (should be sharp). Yeast would also cling to the sides of your container. That will drop out once you cold condition your beer.

I get the sharp taste at times but other times I get a dull stale taste. Hopefully once bottled and left to rest for a few more weeks it will even out.