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Coming home to a package

It’s like a gift to myself…I come home, open my box, take inventory, and plan the next brew. Fun ritual! Tonight I came home to my order of Paragon apricot ale kit, new carboy funnel, carboy cap, and a 32 oz bottle of Star San.

I get my stuff at work. Makes my day.

Glad I’m not the only one! :roll:

Ha! funny and crewel. :twisted:

Hmmm. I came home from work today expecting a package. UPS online tracking said the package had arrived. No package. :frowning:

Are any of your neighbors appearing happier??!!

I purchased fixins for a Kolsch a few weeks ago but have yet had time to brew it up…it’s killing me!

Today I brewed my apricot ale, in 4 days I will add the apricot puree.
My OG is 1.050

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