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Combining Yeasts

I am doing a Blood Orange Belgian Wit, but I want to use the American Farmhouse Ale yeast in conjunction with the Belgian Wit yeast. Is this doable? What results should I expect? Any foreseeable issues with using whole vials of each? Should I ferment longer than normal?


One will likely dominate the fermentation, but you won’t know which until you try it.

You’d be better off splitting the batch, different yeast into each half, and combining them when fermentation is complete.

I agree with Denny. Split the batch and ferment separately then blend back in to the desired proportion.
This way you will be able calculate the most desired blend.

Thanks guys. Great suggestion, I hadn’t even thought of that!

I have a bitter coming up soon that I plan to split between two different yeasts. I may combine them before bottling…or not.
You could end up with two seperate beers that are fine without being combined.

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