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Combining yeast for a 3L starter

Hi All,
I was perusing Denny’s Old Stoner and used Mr. Malty to find out I need something like 2.75L starter. On hand I have a 1272, a 1450 and a us05. Would I be out of line to make a 2L with one of the Wyeast’s and then add the 05 and the starter to the primary? Could I make a 3L with either Wyeast? What would be better for this recipe?
Thanks, Mike

Make a smaller beer. Collect the yeast. Pitch that yeast in the Old Stoner. So now you have 2 beers from just one of those yeast.

Thanks Dan. Say, aren’t you supposed to be burping the baby? Glad to see you around! How about this? My next batch will be a medium gravity APA. What if I set up my Stoner session and pitch right on to that cake? This is basically what you are suggesting??

You can also simply step up your starter.

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