Combining Extract Malt

I’m an extract brewer and love IPA’s. I’ve primarily used kits, but tried making up my own recipe using just a pilsen malt. It actually turned out quite good, I’m contemplating making another batch using both pilsen and gold malt extract syrups as my base. Have any of you extract brewer’s combined different extracts as your base? For my boil hops I plan to use cascade and Centennial and dry hoping with and oz. each of Citra and Chinook. I’ve never dry hopped with Chinook, but I think the piney characteristics of the Chinook would be a interesting combination, but there is also the possibility they could clash. Typically I’ve been dry hopping with a combination of Citra and Amarillo and its been really good. I’d appreciate your thoughts before embarking on by next batch of IPA.

I still do the occasional extract batch and do 2/3 Light DME and 1/3 Munich LME for my malt bill. Your combo of gold & pilsen extract should be a good IPA base.