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Combining Danstar Munich and US05?

Hi All, I’m making a hefe this weekend and it looks like one packet of Danstar Munich ain’t gonna cut it. I have on hand a packet of us05. Is there any issue with using both for the beer? Good idea, bad? Any input is much appreciated. Thanks, Mike

if you pitch both at the same time, then one will out-compete the other, and you wont know which. plus they are very different yeasts. how come the danstar wont cut it? not enough cells?

whats the OG? ideally you would pitch the proper cell counts, advised by… but if you have no other option / if it’s not too far off, i would pitch the danstar alone

that being said. pitching both wont HURT your beer. its just hard to tell what will happen which is why its not recommended

I was just reading Yeast by Chris White and Jamil Z and they were talking about mixing yeast in one small section of the book. Basically, if I can sum it up correctly, if you need to/want to mix yeast one way to avoid the competition is by adding them at separate times. If the Danstar is the recommended yeast I guess that would mean pitching this one first to do the bulk of the work while creating most of the flavor/aroma compounds and then pitching something else in order to fully attenuate the beer. They were saying this is most common if you want to achieve a higher ABV while maintaining the flavor of the recommended yeast.

If you’re going to do it I guess doing it that way (based on what I read last night and have obviously never tried) would be the way to go. That said if you’re not too far off I would just leave it.

Wyeast 3056 (I think) is an ale/wheat yeast combo, not sure how close to Danstar munich and 05 it is.

Hi Guys, the anticipated OG is 1.056, Beersmith estimates 260 billions cells and suggest 2 packets. This is a NB Bavarian Hefe extract I’m gonna hit with about 13 ounces of grain. I’ve made it before and had plenty of action with one packet. The original recipe states an OG of 1.049 so…. I’ll likely stick with the Danstar and play it out. I’ve read here that dry yeast = no starters. I can’t remember why. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks, Mike

Also Mr.Malty estimates 190 b cells and 2.2 packets. Maybe I should pitch the Danstar and see. Then if I need a kickstart then hit the us05??

Or, what if I used my 2 packets of 05 and switched the recipe up to an american wheat? Man I’m confused. The only thing I do know if I’m brewing this kit on Sunday. Then it’s AG here on out.

[quote]1.056 Ale, 5 gallons. production date 4-19-12

yeast cells needed: 195 billion.

grams of dry needed: 11

of 5 gram packs needed: 2.2

of 11.5 gram packs needed: .9[/quote]

The number of grams “needed” will increase with an older production date.

NB sells 11 gram packets. My local shop sells 11 gram packets. What size are your packets?

I say use the one pack of Danstar Munich, it will be just fine.

i’ve only seen 11g packets around here. are you sure yours are 5g?

you could use us05, but it will be different. it will still be good, whichever you choose, it will be beer.


I’m going with the 05. I want the coriander and lemon to stand out and feel the danstar would offer too much banana/clove etc. So my Bavarian intentions have shifted a bit, though I will stick to Perle and Saaz and get the batch around 35-40 IBU’s.

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