Columbus IPA

How do you guys feel about this bill? I’ve just got a ton of Columbus hop pellets left over from this summer (they’ve been well sealed and refrigerated after each use) and wanted to get rid of 'em.

  1. lbs. Organic 2-Row Malt (this will be converted to Briess Golden Light DME since I’m still forbidden to build a mash-ton until the big move >:I)
    1.0 lbs. Crystal 15L
    .50 lbs. Crystal 75L
    .25 lbs. Honey Malt
    .40 lbs. CaraPils
    .37 lbs. Victory Malt

.50 oz. Columbus, 12.2%, pellet, 60 min
.50 oz. Cascade, 6.3%, leaf, 20min
.50 oz. Columbus, 12.2%, pellet, 20min
.50 oz. Cascade, 6.3%, leaf, 10min
.50 oz. Centennial, 12.2%, leaf, 10min
1.0 oz. Columbus, 12%, pellet, KO
1.0 oz. Columbus, 12%, pellet, Dry

Wyeast American Ale. I’d really like to use something besides american ale yeast since that’s been my go to for damn near every beer I’ve made so far. Any suggestions?

I personally think you have way, way to much crystal malt in the grist. I have seen English IPA recipes which have less that that and they typically have alot more than most American IPA grists. If you opt to use that much crystal, you damn sure better use a yeast that attenuates well otherwise you are going to have a pretty heavy beer (high O.G. plus alot of nonfermentable sugars =high ending gravity). I personally go for a very dry interpretation so I don’t add any crystal malts at all. Of course, this is home brewing so you can do whatever you wish since the only person your really need to please is yourself, good luck and have fun.

+1 on too much crystal - I would drop the 75L and the carapils. Try WLP007 - attenuative and drops clean, pitch at 62F and ferment at 64, then ramp to 68 at the end.

Nice. Thanks guys. Will post the results later.

the new updated recipe :smiley: brewing tomorrow.

Edit: just this morning I was thinking I should add some 2-row to help with conversions… thoughts?

Spot on, Shade. I was going to suggest WLP007 too. I just started using this yeast, and it’s a beast! Really easy to wash and repitch, ferments like a dream.

WY1450 is a good all-around yeast too.


the new updated recipe :smiley: brewing tomorrow.

Edit: just this morning I was thinking I should add some 2-row to help with conversions… thoughts?[/quote]

10% crystal is a lot. especially for an IPA. That makes 17% specialty malts, plus gold DME. you may end up with something sweeter and maltier than you want. i would cut back on the specialty malts

I typically limit the crystal malt to one pound as long as I’m using a yeast that gets pretty high attenuation like 1056/001/05. If you want to use a lower attenuating yeast like 1968/002, I would recommend using no more than a half lb. of crystal malt.


It’s already brewed and in Ninkasi’s hands (the Goddess not the brewery) now. I will say this is my first time using 007 and that yeast is working the bejeezus out of my wort. I had to attach a blowoff tube after the first day!