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Color Change for White House Honey Ale in Secondary

I’m seeing some major color change with my honey ale now that its in secondary. Is this normal? It started off as a creamy caramel color and now its gotten realllly dark.

All beer is going to change drastically until it is completely finished. Could be that lighter colored beers will almost always look way darker when you have a batch of it in a carboy. Just have to trust that you did your part correctly and wait it out.

Alright, thanks!

Was it lighter, but cloudy but now darker but more clear?

It’s hard to say as its primary was in a fermenting bucket, but as it was siphoning to secondary, it got that nice looking caramel color and after a couple days it started to turn dark.

It very well could be getting clear but since its in the carboy its kind of hard to tell. I tried to upload some pics but they’re too big for the forums.

For what it’s worth, mine turned out to be honey colored. Unlike other kits, the honey ale page has a picture of the kit itself, not a picture of the finished product. BUT NB sells a matching pint glass

, The beer in that picture is a pretty good match for mine.

So, is yours much darker than that? In the carboy it will appear very dark; you can try shining a flashlight through it, but the best indicator will be the tubing as you rack to your bottling bucket. How much time is left in the secondary?

It has about a week and a half. I was mostly amazed by the color change happening in about 2 days. I’ll try shining a light through it tonight and see how it looks.

I find that just about all beers look darker in the carboy/bucket due to the larger volume. Once you take a sample or get it bottled and pore it out you will see a difference.

Shined a flashlight through the carboy, it is definitely clearing up.

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