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Color change during fermentation?

I’m trying my first batch of Northern Brewer extract ale. I’m using the Cream Ale. The picture of the finished product shows an very pale ale. However, the wort that I am fermenting is quite dark. I note that I cannot see through it to the other side of the carboy, so maybe stuff has to settle to the bottom first. OR have I done something wrong already?

stuff will settle out and the color will be different. it also looks much different in a glass than it does in bulk. sometimes some of the extract sugars carmalize on the bottom of the brewpot causing a little darker color, but that will not ruin the beer, in-fact it’s quite common. i wouldn’t worry about it unless it’s drastically different.

relax don’t worry have a brew. you just made beer! :cheers:

Don’t be surprised if it’s more towards amber when all is said-and-done.

You can only achieve the advertised colors with a full wort boil – that is, a non-concentrated boil. The concentrated sugars darken much easier. Also, be sure you’re not boiling the snot out of the wort. You just need to barely have the wort “rolling”.

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