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Coleman Xtreme Mash Tun

I got the 40qt one and wish I’d went larger. 10 gallon batches are tough to fit in there…

I’ve got the 60qt and wish I had a 100qt for my 15+gal batches. Seems like cooler envy is rampant.


Flip, that is what i’m planning on doing. I’m going to order the same parts today :slight_smile:

Seems like alot of people have the 52qt coleman, but they also wanted it for doing 10 gal batches. Even thou the 36qt and 52qt are the same price, the smaller one will take up less room on the self. Right now i’m leaning towards the 36qt.

I got the 36 qt and wish I had gone bigger. I can do most beers, but my efficiency really suffers with big grain bills – 15#s or more. It maxes out around 18#, I’d say.

I got the 72 qt and wish I’d gotten the 52. 5 gallon batches are typical for me, and I don’t think I’ve even needed bigger than the 52. But on the plus side for the 72, I can fit a keg and small CO2 tank in it, snake a picknic tap out the drain, and have a mobile serving fridge to take to parties.

[quote=“tom sawyer”]I’ve got the 60qt and wish I had a 100qt for my 15+gal batches.[/quote]+1 I have a 48-qt for little batches, but the 120-qt is too small for no-sparging 24 gallons of wort, wish I had a 150.

At that point it technically becomes an above-ground pool doesn’t it?

Wow, that is a nice plus. I guess the adage holds–thirstiness is the mother of invention.


72 qt here. I think it’s just about perfect for me. I tend to do bigger (7%+) five gallon batches at the smallest, and although it is a little oversized and does lose temp because of the head space on that small of a batch, it’s no more than 4 degrees at most. At the same time, I can do 10 gallons of 10% BW and be just fine. I’d say that it really depends on what you brew and whether or not you’re planning on going bigger than 10 gals.

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