Cold vs room temp conditioning

After bottles are fully carbonated is it more beneficial as far as flavors coming together to store them at room temp or in the refrigerator ? I tend to put a few in the refrigerator the night before I drink them just wondering if there’s a benefit flavor wise to keep them cold longer.

The beer will (in theory) age faster at room temp.

If it’s a beer that can use some age (barleywine, doppelbock, quad, etc.), then I would store them at a steady cool cellar temp somewhere in the 55F-60F range. Warmer temps do mean that they will age faster, but that isn’t necessarily better.

Any beer that is in its prime, or better off young, is better off stored at fridge temps to help its longevity.

Once carbonated store them cold if you can. If you don’t have enough fridge space, room temp should be OK for the short term, but if you are going to be keeping any around for longer timeframes, cold will preserve them longer.