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Cold crashing your beer

Hello I have a ? about cold crashing I know for lager’s you are suppose to slowly step the temp down by 1F to 2F a day. But for ale’s what do you do just set them right into a temp controller freezer an set to the mid 30’s or so. So basic what I am asking is to cold crash ale’s do you need lower the temp slowly or just set the temp in the 30’s an put carboy right into the freezer an crash chilled it.

Personally, I just set my fridge to 34 and stick my carboy in. No stepping.


If I’m ready to cold crash, I like to put a carboy bung in the place of the airlock, not a fan of the suck back of the sanitizer in the airlock from crashing the temp. It’s not a big deal, just paranoid, is all.

Yes, place carboy in a cold fridge = cold crash. I took someone’s advice and use s-type airlocks and suck backs are a thing of the past.

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