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Cold Crashing vs post carb chilling

I know this topic has been discussed again and again but I have a question and couldn’t find the answer in my search. So, I know what cold crashing is and what it does. My question is, how is it any different than refrigerating bottles post carbonation? Currently I bottle my beer then once I confirm carbonation is complete, I put them in the fridge. After a week or so they’re pretty damn clear. Is cold crashing PRIOR to bottling going to give me different/better results?

Nope. Placing the carbonated bottles in the fridge is the same as cold crashing in a keg.

Cold crashing in bulk might get you a bit clearer beer as you won’t rack as much trub to your bottling bucket. However, if your process is working I would stick with it.

Cold crashing your beer before you bottle allows the yeast, hops and trub in suspension to to drop. So when you bottle you get more clear cleaner beer.

Again, you 2 nailed it! You guys get brew more frequently than most of us, so you see results… And because you brew more, what you find works, that becomes your brewing style! Thank you! Sneezles61

Time will also clear your bottles. I pulled out a 2 year old Triple for the holidays and it was crystal clear.

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Just to add. It does clear either way but when you pour the beer, that yeast can get stirred up from the bottom of the bottle and go into your mug. Gives you a nice gassy next morning!. So I would go with less into the bottle to start.

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