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Cold Crashing Question

New Brewer here with first batch. It’s been dry hopping (pellets) for 4 days now. I’m wondering if it’s worth putting outside Sunday night (38 degrees called for) before bottling on Monday morning. I don’t know if it will clear the beer at all? Most of the hops have already fallen. I didn’t use anything to clear the beer while I made it and not that I care to much what it looks like but wondered if letting it sit out overnight before bottling would do anything.

I cold crashed two of my recent beers (just because I had the fridge space and wanted to try it). One was in a secondary for a couple weeks and one was just left in its primary. I put them both in the fridge for a couple days. They were both super clear when I bottled, though I didn’t have anything to compare them to. The one I had in secondary did have a few suspended floaties before the crash and they where gone after.

I guess what I wonder about also is here I am bringing 5 gallons of beer to 38 to 40 degrees by leaving it outside all night, then I’m going to introduce a tiny bit more sugar to achieve carbonation… I guess the yeast will get to it after the beer is already capped and warmed back up.

Right you won’t drop the yeast completely in that short of a time.

Thanks guys!

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