Cold Crashing in the mid 40's: Pointless?

I have a 1-Gallon batch of Dead Ringer IPA currently sitting in a 2ndary jug to clear some before I bottle. I had it in primary vessel for 20 days before racking to a 2ndary. Now its supposed to get pretty cold around here in the Western 'burbs of Chicago, so I thought maybe I’d stick my jug out in the garage for a couple days to see if i can get additional clearing from the low temps. Will my garage make any difference to clarity at mid to low 40 degrees.

I know a gallon is small enough to fit in the fridge at 33-35 degrees, but you try arguing with my roommate (girlfriend) that taking up even MORE of our space with my brewing stuff is necessary.

Well I think you need to show who’s wearing the pants in the relationship, so I suggest walking in there and putting your carboy in the garage. Doing whatever you can to keep her from resenting your hobby will be good for your brewing career.

Seriously, though, dropping temperature into the 40’s will do a good job of clearing, especially with dropping dry hops to the bottom of your jug.


Why not put in a bucket with holes in the bottom and put bags of ice on it then… Sneezles61

Hahaha that’s pretty funny @porkchop! What’s funnier is she’s the one who bought me the kit back in December… 4 months and 8 batches later she’s now rolling her eyes each time I tell her I’m brewing, bottling, or de-labeling/prepping bottles. But she’s ultimately responsible for creating this monster.

The jug is sitting in the garage now, planning to bottle in 2-3 days as the temps are gonna rise back up into the 50’s.