Cold Crashing In a Keg Tub

I have an IPA in secondary. The recipe I tried called for dry hopping in primary. The hop particles did not settle out and I’m considering cold crashing and/or adding gelatin. I don’t have fridge space and would be crashing in a keg tub. Any advice/input would be appreciated.

Next time use a hop sack haha. The hops particles will settle out if you can get the temps low enough. You could try putting your fermenter in a container with water and frozen water bottles. Not sure how cold you will actually be able to get it. If it were me, I’d just rack the beer to your storage vessel (bottle or keg) and be diligent with your racking cane. Who cares if some hop particle get in your beer — it gives it character!

i recently stopped using the hop sock. I felt like i wasnt really getting much out of the dry hopping. Each time i would take the hop sock from secondary, the pellets would have a sand like consistency, which made me wonder how much utilization i was actually getting. I know loads of people dry hop by dumping right into secondary, so i figured it was worth asking.

FWIW, this happened to me once before and i figured i would bottle and then refrigerate, but that didnt help the particulate settle out. This insnt a little bit either, there is about a 1/2" layer of hops at the top of the beer in secondary. that amount can make it tough to drink your beer, when you are having to chew the hops.

Thanks for the response!