Cold Crash question

I have an IPA I plan to bottle this weekend sometime. I dont have a freezer or anything real cold except outdoors which currently is well below freezing.

I have a closet in the mudroom that is at 50 degrees fairly steady. I placed my fermenter in there this morning.

My question is, am I going to gain any clarity at just 50 degrees for a few days or am I kinda just going through the motions for no real difference? I dont recall which exactly but this one used 1056 or US-05

50 prob won’t do a whole lot. Can you put it outside in a garage or other protected space with something thin wrapped around the carboy to protect it from light and a lamp shining nearby?

negative on the garage. I have a open shed but no way to protect from whatever “critters” might come sniffing about.

Kind of along the same lines. How short is to short of a time period to cold crash? It has been getting around 20 at night here, and have a Kolsch I’m bottling tomorrow. Was thinking of sticking it outside for the night to get some more to settle out, still a bit cloudy. Has been in carboy for a month tomorrow.

Or is 20 to cold?

Time will help settle out stuff, too.
I’d let it sit longer instead of risking my beer freezing.