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Cold crash / Gelatin / Both?

I have a ale that I dry hopped about 10 days ago, itching to get it into a keg. However, it is still SUPER cloudy with hop particles appearing to still be in suspension. What would you all recommend I do?

I have refrigerator access, should I crash it? Should I put gelatin in? If so, should I put it in the carboy or transfer and add gelatin to the keg? Both? Something else? Thanks!

10 days is a inching toward ‘a long time to dry hop’. Careful you don’t get vegetals!

I’ve had great success with gelatin. If you are ‘itching’, it can hurt to double up on clarifcation procedures. 1 pack of gelatin, cold crash for a few days.

Yea, I’d do both too. One thing though…make sure you cold crash first. The gelatin will be MUCH effective going into a cold liquid.

Not to mention that crashing it first will help settle a lot out as well, which means the gelatin can grab ahold of the other particles.

I’m interested in this procedure as I have an IPA that had over 6oz of dry hops (pellets of course, though for what it is worth I put them in one of those fine paint strainer bags with a few shooter marbles) and it has FAILED to clear over the past 8 days :frowning: How much gelatin do I use? Just dump it into the corny keg or do I mix it up with boiling water, cool and pitch like yeast? Never had to do this before, but it is my first dry hop, so I guess I shouldn’t be too ashamed.

I keg, crash cool for about 3 days. This helps a lot to settle.

I then take a cup of cold water, add a teaspoon of unflavored gelatin and let it sit for an hour. I then put it in the microwave and heat/stir it until it dissolves.

I then take it add it to the keg, purge it of oxygen, and swirl it. Let it sit for a week and it will be brilliantly clear (after the first pull or two).

If I want it REALLY clear I will run it through a filter after this. That works like a charm and the particles don’t sit on the bottom of the keg.

I would crash the carboy. It should clear up fine but gelatin can speed things up. After it clears you can keg it with out getting so much junk.

I have only cold crashed where i get it down to about 40 degrees and let it sit for a few days and i my beers have been just fine.

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