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Cold Break in Cooled Wort

Just made my third batch of home brew today, and noticed this time that the cooled wort had a lot of suspended solids (cold break?) in it, whereas on the first two batches most of the solids settled at the bottom of the kettle by the time the wort cooled.

I decided to filter the wort through some cheesecloth as I poured it to try and keep these solids out of the primary fermentor. Was that a good decision? Perhaps they would have settled out in the primary and I could have just siphoned off above that material when I go to bottle?

I was making a batch of the Inn Keeper from NB. Thoughts?

You should let it ride, yeast love cold break.

Ah, thank you. I thought maybe I reacted to hastily and maybe I did. That’s how we learn, right?

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