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Colassal Screw Up - Help Needed

So I brewed a very high ABV stout. It went through the fermentation process and I was moving it to the secondary for several months to mellow out, when I realized I only added 4 gallons to a a 5 gallon batch. Thus an even higher ABV. My question is what should I do? And I plan on kegging in the wintertime

A- Add water to dilute it?
B- Add a gallon of store bought stout to reduce alcohol but keep stout flavor?
C- Nothing
D- None of the above, just give me your thoughts.



How close to finished FG are you. It’s no problem adding some water. I add a gallon of juice at times and your doing basically the same. The only difference is I’m add a bit of fermentables reducing the chance of oxidation

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I never took OG or FG. It was clearly amatuer hour on this batch. Not sure what to do.

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Use the recipe to figure out the OG with a reduced volume with any of the apps out there. Take gravity reading now to see how close you are to completion. Are you bottling?

Take a grav readibg. Just go back to your recipy see what the og was. Even you can put the recipy. In brewers friend recipy creator. So you get your. Og. And. Fg. Its not accurate. Because you forgot. To take a og reading. But at least. You got a idea. What the final fg needs to be. If to high ad water. Or just taste it see if you happy with final result.

If it’s an exact just add the water now. Boil the water and chill it first. Keep everything in sanitized

Was it an extract brew?

The way I would do it is boil the water chill it and put it into secondary vessel with a siphon or at least without splashing then siphon the beer on top. You could also put in a little sugar or something to start a bit of fermentation going to purge the O2


I’m assuming. If not kind of a shot in the dark really

Ive had some sensational raspberry chocolate stouts.
@atorr88 I don’t extended age stouts in a secondary btw.

Sounds like the thoughts are to add water. I’m in that camp too if it was brewed following the recipe for a 5 gallon batch. I’d boil up and cool some top off water and add a little sugar as well. Once the gravity stabilized I’d keg it with some priming sugar and let ‘er sit till I was ready to try it. Good luck!

Time to bottle… Prime it and get it done with… It should warm yer innards this winter…
Welcome back! Sneezles61

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