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Coffee Porter

I brewed a Coffee Porter Brewer’s Best kit on Dec 8. The recipe doesn’t call for secondary to add anything before bottling but is recommended by Brewer’s Best. I usually use a secondary but think I might try keeping it in the primary until bottling. What do you think is a good amount of time 3 or 4 weeks?

My MO, if I don’t plan on harvesting the yeast, is usually 3 weeks in primary then bottle.

It really depends on your fermentation schedule. Do you have any sort of temp control?

3 weeks is a good benchmark. I will often turn beers around quicker if I need to, but if you are not able to manipulate temp and the fermentation, 3 weeks will usually do it for ales up to 1.060-1.070.

This will be a good opportunity to learn how unnecessary racking to a ‘secondary’ is :mrgreen:

Basement has been around 64-65 degrees. Fermentor has been around 66-67 degrees. No large swings in temp. It has been 9 days since pitching. There was a considerable amount of lag time. Used a packet of Danstar Nottingham rehydrated. I don’t have or use a hydrometer currently as I am brewing extract. Calculated OG on recipe list was between 1.052-1.056.

Yes I wanted to see the difference between racking and leaving it in the primary. Could save me some time and sanitizer.

You should still get a hydrometer so you know when your done fermenting. You’d have no way to detect a stuck fermentation which could be pretty dangerous if it “unstuck” after you bottled.

Not to mention impossible to figure ABV, or if its even done fermenting.

I guess I will be the odd ball here but I have been brewing at least three years now and I think out of all the beer I have brewed I checked the final gravity on probably 3, maybe 5 beers. I usually do 3 weeks in primary and then keg. Some longer and have done some shorter. I have never had a problem or “bad” beer. Maybe I am just lucky…

You’re also kegging which is a little more forgiving.

Exactly what I do…very seldom use the secondary…lagers and I used it for Bourbon Barrel Porter…but like Matt says 3 weeks in the primary and then keg.

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