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Coffee Porter - Balancing Act

I am making an extract batch of NB’s Peace Coffee Porter.

The reviews talk about the 4oz of coffee (especially when ground) being too strong and acidic in this beer. Too much coffee, not enough alc. backbone to support it, etc.

A few folks have commented that cold-pressing the coffee and adding just the coffee and NOT the grounds got them a decent balance. Other have suggested whacking the beans with a meat mallet, using less than the 4oz, etc.

I am wondering if anyone on the board here has experience with this kit, or other coffee beers and can offer some pointers for arriving at a decent final product.

I am more than fine with a big, assertive coffee element…but of course don’t want a “harsh” taste to get it.

OG on the kit is 1.047.

Any thoughts here?

Thanks all…

Last year, I brewed a coffee stout, and dry hopped 6 oz of coarsely ground espresso beans in the secondary for a week. It was pretty strong on the coffee smell and taste. I liked it, and submitted it in a local contest. The judge said it was too strong on the coffee flavor. If I do this one again, I will do it the same way, except will try it with 4 oz of beans. I’ve not tried a coffee porter (yet).


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