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Coffee beer’s?

Hello what is the best way to add coffee to beer?.

My opinion is make a cold brew and add at bottling. Take a few ounces of your beer prior to bottling and test with a few drops of cold brew adding more coffee until you get the amount of coffee flavor you want, then scale that up to the amount for your entire batch.

I’ve only done one coffee beer, a Founder’s Breakfast stout clone a few years ago. It had coffee beans in the last few minutes of the boil and coffee added at bottling. I followed the recommended dose for the recipe and it was way too much coffee flavor. Pretty much overpowered everything else.

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I’ve never had a coffee beer I’ve liked- both homebrew and commercial. To me they all have a ‘compost’ off-taste. And I love coffee, so I don’t know why I’m so sensitive.
But that’s just me…


same here…hence the reason I’ve not tried it again.

Likewise, love good coffee, love beer, just not together. In fact, the only beer by Bell’s brewing that I didn’t think was great was their Java Stout.

Thank you guys! I thought it was just me.

Cold coffee any way, shape, or form isn’t in my past, present or future… Sneezles61

If you put the coffee in after the mash…do the oils boil off like hop oils and leave you with flavor and no oil?

It sure seems that even the fermenting process carries the aromatics away too… Sneezles61

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