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Coffee Bean addition

I’ve got a Black IPA extract kit on the way. I was reading the reviews and someone had commented about adding coffee during the boil. My question is how much coffee or beans would one add? I like the idea of tossing some in for an additional flavoring and I’m curious to know how I would determine what amount to add. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


If this is the NB kit… it’s an awesome brew. Not sure Coffee is something I’d add to it. The batch we made had a pretty big grapefruit taste to it. But, if you want to, I think you’d be better off doing a cold steep either adding it in secondary along with the dry hops or in your bottling bucket so that you can add a bit, taste it and add a bit more until you get it dialed in.

I’ve made that beer twice. The first was an extract kit w/specialty grains. The second time was me converting that kit to partial mash. And I’ll say that beer already has coffee and chocolate flavors to it. I’d brew it as is and decide if you want to make an addition next time around. As much as I like that beer the chocolate/coffee sweetness is a little too much. I’m planning on brewing it for a third time soon, but plan on cutting down on the roasted malts a little.

I just finished this batch and it came out fantastic. I added a cup of nibs to it and I don’t think they came through in flavor as anticipated because the recipe (extract/partial) itself is pretty heavy.

Thanks for the advice guys. I’ll brew it up as is. I’m anxious to taste it based on the reviews and from what you’ve all said.

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