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Me got some unsweeted coconut. Thinking doing a coconut vanilla porter. Do i have to prep the coconut. Or just add 0.5 lbs. Coconut. The last 5 min. And 1 lbs coconut. Secondary. Never have used coconut before

I toast mine in the oven at 350° on paper that will absorb oil. Toasting it brings out more flavor IMO. Check on it often and stir it up. Remove it once it’s a golden color.

I also only use it in secondary like a dry hop. I target 1lb per gallon.

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Rack over it or toss it in after transfer?


Me thinking. Rack the beer to secondary. Than. Use my hop spider. This can hold. 3 lbs. Hang it in for 2 weeks. Take a sample test if happy pull the hop spider out


I use a big nylon straining bag to hold the coconut. I add it after transfer.

Me thinking same thing. Gonna brew coconut. Stout. Next saturday

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