Coastal evacuation ipa

my brew buddy came over last night with some coastal evacuation ipa beers. damn a good tasting beer so about ten beers later we decided to brew this . it has lots of cetenial hops. but question can i find this recipy some where need to find out what kind of grains they did use any ideas???

Not much info on their website. All it offers is 8% ABV and all centennial. Not knowing the SRM is also problematic. I would use all 2 row and a crystal malt to reach the appropriate color.

Is the beer more bitter or aromatic? If more bitter use a “traditional” hopping method. If more aromatic use a smaller bittering charge and get some of the IBUS from larger late hopping additions (within last 10 minutes of boil).

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more aromatic taste it got indeed went to their web site not much info

gonna try to clone the beer
me thinking to create a recipe on this got it sort of on paper the idea og 1.075 fg 1.010
using rahr 2 row malt bries 2 row brewers malt
bries pilsen dme malt and pilsen malt extract syrup total 10 lbs
hops cetennial 60 min 45 min 15 min and flame out 0 min
yeast strain got one kveik yeast vial left gonna use that
dry hops 2 oz amerillo hop

any sugestion if i am on the right track

Do you brew All Grain or Extract?

If it were me I would use a split for bittering using a First Wort Hop (FWH) and a small bittering charge. I would skip the 45 min addition as it doesn’t really provide much in terms of flavor or aroma. Since you don’t know the IBU I would shoot for an OG of 1.070-1.075 and 60-70 IBU to keep the BU:GU balanced.

The beer mentioned all centennial hops so that’s what I would use.

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at the moment still extract brewing

Sooooo… It’s basically a slightly modified Dead Ringer?

To bump up the aromatics, I’d do like @loopie_beer suggests and go with FWH for bittering, and add as many hops as you can within the last 5 or 10 minutes. Centennial is an absolutely fantastic hop! I’ve got a vial of Kveik yeast in the fridge waiting to go into a beer like this. Orange aromas and flavors combined with citrusy/piney centennial? Heck yeah.

Of course, I’ll be saving the slurry and pitching it again and again and again…

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2 row Brewers malt needs to be mashed. If you’re doing extract use enough DME or LME to reach your desired OG. If it were me I would NB’s gold malt extract as a starting point. If it doesn’t provide enough color steep some c60 to reach your desired SRM.

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thanks for the info its the first beer i do try to build out of nothing my own idea and recipe .but still strugeling with lots of ideas and questions

actually think its a sort death ringer i di compare notes from my journal and it comes close to the death ringer actually this morning before work gonna transfer a death ringer to the second fermentor i did brew this one last week .