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Coagulated Head

The foam on my beer head is coagulating. By this I mean that there is a head but but the foam is clumping into groups. I keg and haven’t seen this in the 10 or so brews that I’ve done. Has anyone seen similar and know what causes this? It hasn’t affected the taste, it just doesn’t look right.

mine does this too! i was wondering the same thing… i am not sure i would call it coagulation, but your description of how the head kind of forms a few different ‘groups’ once it settles rings very true for me.

btw - i also keg (force carb). i thought it might be due to the fact that i use fermcap-s in the boil kettle, but i am really not sure.

as you said - this does not impact taste, but does look a little odd at times. i have entered my beers in contests and never had a bad mark for this, interestingly.

I don’t use fermcap so that isn’t a common thread. I can’t think of anything that I did differently this time or use any ingredients that I haven’t in the past. I hate to just hope that it goes away, I would be nice to remove the cause.

Some of mine do that, too. I’ve never figured out what causes it, but I don’t worry about it.

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