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CO2 Tank Location

Over the weekend I converted my GE 4.3 Mini Fridge to a Kegerator. Everything went well and I was easily able to fit two corny kegs within the unit. I also had room for my CO2 tank which stands behind the kegs and parallel to the bent freezer tray. I’m sure this have been discussed before but it there any danger in having the tank, regulators, etc. that close to the freezer tray. I’m open to having it on the outside and having a distributor if having next to the freezer can ruin/ affect anything. :cheers:

There’s no issue to having it inside, aside from taking space. You can get a lower reading on your HP gauge due to low temps.

I have had regulators ice up at freezing temps (> 30 ) when welding. You shouldn’t have that problem as there won’t be a steady flow of gas, and your temps will be warmer.

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Thanks a lot, I will keep it updated once I have kegged the beer and my kegerator is up and running

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