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CO2 tank fill question

Hey Twin Cities area brewers,

I just got a small setup for a kegerator, and I need to fill my CO2 tank. Any one know where I can get it filled (5 pound CO2 tank)? Costs?
About how long will a full tank last?


I am located south of the metro, if there are any recommended places in that direction.


I don’t bother with getting mine filled as places that do that seem to be harder to find. Since my tank is hidden in my fridge I don’t much care what it looks like. I exchange mine at Northern Brewer or if I’m not making a trip there a Toll Gas (several Cities locations) but NB is actually a few bucks cheaper.

Number of kegs out of a 5 lb tank depends if you are force carbing in addition to pushing the beer. I prime my kegs since sugar is cheap and the kegs are just sitting around while they condition any ways so I’ve been able to get ~14 kegs out of a 5 lbs tank. I think I’ve heard about 7 kegs if you’re force carbing.

Yeah, I force carb and I usually get around 7-10 depending on pressure requirements. I also exchange mine, either at a brew shop when picking up supplies or at Zipp’s Liquor when picking up the already made beer. 5# at Zipp’s is $13.

I don’t know how far south you are but there is Minneapolis oxygen in bloomington.

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