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Co2 Regulator blown?


I’ve recently purchased a kegging kit from Northern Brewer (used kegs, brand new regulator and lines), and I’ve run into trouble with the regulator. ( this guy → … lator.html )

As soon as I added pressure for the first time, it started blowing gas out of the first tube going into the first regulator body (where the female and male threaded connectors meet). It doesn’t hold any pressure at all. I’ve tried to tighten it, but I don’t have any means of doing so without completely scratching it up, I don’t think.

Is this user-error? Is there any easy means of removing the tube, rewrapping it in teflon tape, and trying to thread it in again? Or did I just get a bum regulator and I should return it for a new one?


I’m not clear on where the leak is coming from are you talking about it where it connects to the tank ? If so did you place the plastic washer on it prior to tightening it to the tank ?

If it’s on the other end that goes into the first regulator use a socket that fits it and do the tape thing.

Got it.

I tightened everything and it’s holding pressure now. Turns out that connection to the tank has to be really tight and I only had it “sorta” tight. Also it helps when you finally locate your channel-lock pliers…

A word of advice — before installing any kegging equipment, make sure all of the connections are tight. This will prevent the excess loss of C02. I do this with every manifold and regulator I’ve ever used!

If you are not using the hard plastic washer they include with a new regulator (many times 2/3 for extras) and every gas supplier supplies when exchanging (or ask as they are free from the suppliers not NB AFAIK ) you will have had to over tighten the regulator stem to the bottle.

Looks like this: ... &view=grid


To ensure connections are tight use a quick spray of star san or soap to check for leaks.

Yup, the plastic washer is in place, and I haven’t detected and further leaks. I’ve got a lager and a Scotch ale both being force carb’d as we speak, so far so good. Thanks for the input, guys.

Get yourself an adjustable wrench for that fitting, and save the channelocks for other plumbing duties.

The pliers will tear up the brass fitting in short order! :cheers:

I have found that the washers with the little ridge were much harder to get sealed properly. I picked up a few smooth washers from the welding supply place and they seal much better with less hassle.

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