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CO2 pressure regulator help

So I got a new kegerator for x-mas and it’s awesome. But this is my first kegerator and I’m having a problem with CO2 pressure creep.

Here is my procedure for setting the pressure:

    1. With the tank valve closed and pressure adjust valve all the way out, connect the beer and gas lines to the keg coupler. 2. Connect the coupler to the keg. 3. Open the faucet with a pitcher under it. 4. Open the co2 tank valve. 5. Crank the pressure adjust valve slowly until I get to 8 psi then close the faucet. 6. Decrease the pressure valve about a 1/4 to 1/2 turn.
Come back the next evening and pressure will be at 20+ psi.

Last night after setting the pressure, I decreased the pressure adjust valve as far as it would go. The pressure was at 15 psi this morning. :cry:

Any advice on what am I doing wrong or things to try?


It sounds to me like you may be getting beer into the regulator by doing it the way you are. Is there a check valve in the regulator ?

First you always want the tank valve to be open with the psi set at say 10 psi then connected the gas to the keg.

Also how full do you have that keg is it above the bottom of the gas tube letting beer enter your gas line then into the regulator ?

Thanks Chuck. I disconnected the co2 line at the keg then turned on the gas to blow the line out. No liquid came out, just gas.

The keg is about half full. It’s a commercial keg from a local brewery so I can’t open it to look at the tube.

So I re-attached the coupler, set the pressure to 10 psi then re-connected it to the keg. I’ll check the pressure in a couple hours.

One more thing comes to mind to try just disconnect the coupler from the tank leaving the co2 on and see in the morning if the regulator reading stays the same. If the reading changes up or down then there is a problem with the regulator new or not.

Good idea. I’ll do that tonight.

Found the problem. While I was pulling the co2 tank out of the kegerator to test it overnight, I heard a slight hissing sound when one of the co2 lines moved. Didn’t hear it before despite checking all the clamps. The kegerator came with plastic clips for the co2 lines, so replaced them with metal worm clamps. Problem solved.

Thanks for the help.

Just wanted to add that Beverage Factory is awesome! I emailed them about the problem just after I made this thread. They said they would send a new regulator if needed. I foundd the problem and told them I didn’t need a replacement. Their response was “we’re sending you one anyways”. :shock:
I’ll be buying from them again for sure!

How does a leak in a gas line increase pressure in the regulator gauge? Does not add up.

Yeah, I don’t know why. I just know that once I replaced the plastic hose clamps, fixing the leak, I am able to maintain the pressure.

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