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Co2 in SE Phoenix

I’m way the hell and gone out in San Tan Valley AZ. Does anyone know where to get food grade co2 refills in say queen creek, Gilbert or SW Mesa? I want to get into kegging but want to start by finding a shop so I’m not wasting money buying a tank if they have an exchange program or some red hot deal on equipment.

CO2 is CO2.

Google fire extingusher shops. They may have better deals than the big boys, Linweld, AirGas etc.

You say CO2 is CO2, so does that mean I can get my CO2 from a paintball shop that fills paintball CO2 bottles?

Yes. I have a couple of 9oz PB tanks that I use if I need to travel with a keg and don’t want to take the 5lb tank.

I’m concerned about the oil in co2 that bev grade doesn’t have. I don’t want to be the ass that gives everyone a splitting headache. I’ve herd about it… Am I being too picky?

Sure it was not someone that brewed bad beer and blamed it on the co2?

I routinely buy CO2 from a Fire Extinguisher shop. The owner is also a homebrewer. I know 6 other brewers that buy from him or the other shop in town. I’ve used the other shop also. They asked what I was using it for and didn’t blink an eye at it. IF there was a problem, the liability issues would require special labels on the tanks and signed waivers stating that the contents was not suitable for human consumption.

Works for me, thanks all.

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