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CO2 in or out of fridge

I understand that it is more beneficial to have the tank outside of the fridge for better accuracy on the gauges. Other than that is there any other reason to have it outside (more effiecient gas usage…) I am not opposed to drilling holes in my fridge it would just be a cleaner look not having a tank on the outside.

You can possibly get another keg to fit inside the fridge if the CO2 tank is outside. I have one inside and one outside for aesthetic reasons as you suggested. If you don’t need the room then by all means put the CO2 inside.

Outside for the reason Greg mentioned. I can get 6 kegs in the Kegerator. If the tank was in there I could only fit 5. I do 10 gallon batches so having space for 2 kegs to Lager is very beneficial. Cheers!!!

Here’s a visual:

I like mine outside on the kegerator so I can fit six kegs and so I have access to my extra line on the outside for purging kegs and transferring beer. Good idea on the visual. You can see where my 20# tank is located out of the way.

The only reason I keep mine out of the kegerator is to make room for an extra keg. The gauge help is just a bonus.

I keep mine inside the fridge on the little shelf above the compressor. If it would have allowed me to fit in an extra keg, I might have found a way to have it outside, but that’s not possible with the fridge I have so a no-brainer.

I do outside also as I learned a quick tip from an Hvac expert Uncle. If doing a fridge or freezer Keezer there is an easy way to accomplish this without worrying about coolant lines in the rear/ sides of unit. Simply plumb the line through the side of the door.
Outside and inside of unit where line enters and exits. I choose to squirt some expando foam to seal the hole and used a second line to run a dedicated soda keg. So a simple one line in will be much cleaner and easier to do than 2.

I agree with outside. The extra room is nice to have.

Outside for me. Four corneys in one fridge (tight), and a 1/4 bbl in another.

I went inside, but would consider moving it in if I really needed the extra room. I keep the kegerator in the kitchen area, so appearance matters to me.

I started out with it inside and then moved it outside. 4 kegs sitting happily inside now. The beer tasted the same either way.

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