CO2 Distributer

I just got a new CO2 distributor from our host. It is one outlet shy of what I need, though. Can I use the plugged outlet in the end of it to add another valve? I think they are the same threads, and I don’t see why I couldn’t do it, but just wanted to get opinions first.

Without a visual, I couldn’t be sure, but if the ports look the same size, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to.

This is the one I got. ... toffs.html

I can’t really see the end fitting or plug, but where you will hook it up to your source should be identical to the opposite end…Screw one of the valves out and see if the ports are compatible.

The end ports are there to hook them up in “series”, if you will.

Without doing a "hands on " visual, I couldn’t say.

Experiment, and let us know!

Yes, you can. You could also hook another distributor to it to have even more.

+1 it is just another port that can be connected. Cheer

I connected another valve. Just making sure it’s not leaking now. Thanks for the replies!!