CO2 Cylinder Bleed off through QD?

I have a 20 lb CO2 cylinder on my serving fridge with 4 kegs. The cylinder is outside the fridge with the gauges inside. The cylinder was filled on March 15, 2015. I haven’t looked in the fridge that often but whenever I have the HP gauge has seemed like it was holding steady.

I swapped out a couple of kegs in the fridge last night. Just popped off the gas QDs, bled pressure off the kegs and let the beer in the lines run back into the keg before unhooking the liquid lines. Replaced with the new kegs, hooked the lines back up and pfft…very little CO2 pressure, LP gauges don’t budge. Glanced up at the HP gauge and it’s sitting in the red. Unhooked the HP line from the cylinder and sure enough it’s empty.

Now I have to admit I didn’t look at the HP gauge prior to the swapout but my system has been leak free and I did check all the connections when I hooked up the full cylinder this morning.

Could I have bled off what should have been almost a full tank through a stuck open QD in a matter of 2 minutes or less? My hearing isn’t the greatest so it’s entirely possible I wouldn’t have heard it.

Danny, I think if the QD was stuck open it would be really loud. Plus if your pressure was set at around 10 psi a 20 lb tank would take a long time to empty. I am constantly fighting leaks. When the beer is carbed and I’m not drinking it, I shut the cylinder off to be safe.

Those ball lock connectors are pretty temperamental. Replacing the o-ring on the post has helped me a lot.