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CO2 canister?

I recently purchased a new system and I am in the process of setting everything up. I went today and filled a 5lb co2 canister. It was only 85-90 degrees outside and 20 minutes after filling it up, the canister started spewing. Is there something wrong with the canister, did the filling station overfill it? It wasn;t it my trunk, I had it in the passenger compartent so I don;t think it would have been that hot inside. I see canister driving along the roads all the time. I’m wondering what is going on. I can;t even tell if it all leaked out, But after 90 minutes the canister is still frost covered, and appears to still be venting. HELP!!!

Sounds like they over-filled it - you could open the valve and let out enough CO2 to stop it venting.

One of 2 things:
1: They overfilled it.
2: There is something wrong with the tank valve in that the over pressure release is leaking.

I’m betting on #1.


Is the tank leaking from the relief valve or the main valve?

I know there are different types of relief valves.

  1. Reseating type - will reseat and seal as so as the pressure drops to an acceptable level.
  2. Pop action type - will drain all co2 from the tank before it will allow reseating
  3. Burst disk type - once it bursts it must be replaced before the tank is usable again.

It does sound like the tank was overfilled, and the fact that it is still venting leads me to valve types 2 or 3. I would return to the place where it was filled and have them refill or exchange it for another tank depending on the valve type.

I contacted the company that filled it and the first thing he mentioned was he ran out of 1 tank and had to switch in the middle of filling, then mentioned “this disc is probably ruptured” I need ot bring ot back tomorrow for him to look at it. I’m totaly shocked that a 90 degree day can cause something to rupture. Am I only supposed to fill these 3 out of 4 seasons??

I assume he overcooked the tank and then the temp changed increased.the pressure.just enough to pop the relief valve. This is not a normal occusnce should not happen under normal use and filling.

I went to the shop yesterday, and he conformed the burst valve failed (did its job). NOW the search starts for this valve. He didn’t have any and sent me to a shop’s old address. Start again on Monday. Thankfully I wasn’t planning on kegging and drinking this weekend

this is why I prefer to deal with exchange rather than refill with any kind of tank. If there is any issue, it’s their problem, not yours.

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