C'mon yeast cake

I brewed the Patersbier this weekend. It’s my first time with this kit, and I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t done a good Belgian in a while. I used the WY3787 trappist HiGrav, and I can’t wait to re-use this yeast cake for a Belgian double/triple, or some other monster of a beer. Any body got suggestions for a high gravity butt-kicker that would be good with the WY3787 other than the obvious Belgians??


Belgian Tripel IPA…
White DIPA with citra hops and grapefruit…

Just how big can the WY3787 go? I see the wOOtstout is 1.108sg and uses us-05. I did not think us-05 could handle that big a beer, but it must be capable. So, How big can I go with WY3787 trappist HiGrav?

I would like to try something gigantic and let it age…I’m about out of my bigger beers but I’ve got several session strength ready to go.

I use this yeast for my big gruit ale which is close to 1.080. Skip the hops, or keep them very slight, and try adding a combo of sweet gale, yarrow, mugwort, and cardamom late in the boil and/or a vodka tincture after fermentation. Yummy yum yum, I love my gruit.

EDIT: Here’s the link to the recipe:


I recently brewed a tripel OG of 1.081 and FG of 1.003 (~10%) so it can handle pretty high alcohol levels.